Your water. Perfected.

Hard Water

Prevent build-up of film on tubs, sinks, faucets, and wall tiles. Eliminate water spots on glassware and dishes. Use less household soap and cleaners. Ease skin ailments such as itching and irritation. Have softer skin and hair.


Does your water smell or taste like chlorine? Municipal water plants use chlorine to treat your water supply. Remove unpleasant chlorine before it comes into affects your family through bathing, cooking, washing and drinking.

Scale Buildup

Extend the life of your appliances like dishwashers, water heaters and clothes washers by reducing the build-up of scale in heating elements and pipes. Simultaneously reduce white-crusty deposits on fixtures around the house.


Protect your family from harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, and pfos/pfas. Get clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, coffee/tea, and baby formula. No need to haul wasteful plastic bottles from store.

Iron & pH

Treat problem water by eliminating iron. Neutralizing acidic water by raising the pH of your water and reap the benefits for your home and family. Enjoy the enhanced flavor that alkalinity adds to your clean drinking water.

See how an EcoWater system can protect your family and transform your home

We’ve had a great experience with EcoWater! All of their staff (phone, technician, everyone) have been so polite and helpful. It’s always a pleasure to work with them. The water system is great (we will never live without it again) but the people at the company are what really seals the deal for my family.

Jasmine (Jazmin) – Local Guide

Five Star Google Review

Excellent system and we saw a 100% improvement in our water quality instantly. The install was very professional and even figured out how to make it so it has a cleaner finish than what we were expecting. I would recommend this system to anyone.


Five Star Google Review

Great full home water filtration system. We love how the whole process was explained to us and how smooth the installation went. The water tastes better, feels better on our skin and we use way less detergents and soap. Overall it’s a great investment.

Prashanth – Local Guide

Five Star Google Review

Absolutely love the system. The quality of the water improved dramatically. Not only can feel and see the difference on the skin but also the taste. Installation crew came out did fantastic job, fast and cleaned up great. I couldn’t even notice they connected to the main water source. Highly recommend it! Worth every penny.


Five Star Google Review